Features of Venting Cover of Cell Culture Bottle

2023-03-17 13:01:00 VENTING 1786753

The rapid development in the field of life science has made the cell culture technology more widely used. The cell culture bottle is a kind of consumables suitable for medium scale cell and tissue culture in the laboratory. Bottle caps of this kind of consumables can be divided into two types: venting cap and sealing cap. What are the characteristics of venting cap?

The cell culture bottle with a venting cap is mainly used in the environment with carbon dioxide. The venting cap consists of a venting membrane and a cap. Permeable membrane is a new type of polymer waterproof material. In terms of production technology, the technical requirements of waterproof venting membrane are much higher than those of ordinary waterproof materials; In terms of quality, the waterproof venting membrane also has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, non-adhesion, high lubrication, etc. that other waterproof materials do not have.

Venting Gasket

The middle layer of waterproof venting membrane is a kind of microporous membrane, which is produced by high-tech principles. The size of pores can allow water vapor to pass smoothly, but not water molecules, so this product has the function of waterproof and venting. The ventilation cover can let the carbon dioxide in the environment enter the cell culture flask, providing the gas conditions needed for cell growth.

The venting membrane on the cap of the cell culture bottle also has the function of sterilization, which can prevent bacteria from entering the container and polluting the cells. The liquid in the bottle will not affect its microbial barrier performance and venting effect after contacting the venting membrane. Scientific research institutions can choose it at ease.