Waterproof breathable membrane and components protect your most sensitive electronic components.

2024-02-13 10:40:28 VENTING 678648645

Coolrudyvia Vent Solution has sold more than hundreds of millions of vent products to protect electronic equipment and solution packaging shells from pressure fluctuations, liquids and harmful pollutants. From car headlights and automotive electronic components to outdoor lamps and consumer electronics and solution packaging, we have waterproof vents suitable for you.

In addition, coolrudyvia's team of engineers can also provide differentiated solutions for your specific needs. From small household appliances (electric toothbrushes, razors, etc.), consumer electronics (smart phones, smart watches, wearable devices, etc.), sensors (electrochemical gas sensors, oxygen sensors, pressure sensors, etc.) to outdoor electronic equipment (outdoor LEDs, base stations, communication equipment, solar energy systems, inverters), we can provide reliable waterproof and breathable solutions to protect your products and extend their service life.