Application of Acoustic Waterproof and Venting Membrane in Chemical and Medical Equipment Industry

2023-03-17 13:23:39 VENTING 96507

Application of waterproof and venting membrane in chemical and medical equipment industry:

Chemical industry: waterproof and venting skills can meet the requirements of a variety of industrial industries, including: sealing materials for chemical production, industrial equipment covers, bottle caps, pollution control filter bags, venting goods for industrial cleaner containers, etc. COOLRUDYVIA® customizes various commodities for chemical equipment manufacturers and large-scale end customers has both high value and excellent performance.

Medical treatment: medical implants can coordinate with the body's own tissues and assist in rehabilitation. In many cases, they can also recover the normal functions of the body. These implants can enable doctors to achieve outstanding effects and stabilize patients' energy. COOLRUDYVIA® products provide new solutions for the treatment of vascular, intravascular, interventional, general surgery, chest and lung, oral and plastic surgery. The waterproof and venting membrane used in medical equipment and surgical sterile clothing can build a reliable barrier to avoid virus and bacterial contamination without affecting the airflow.

Venting Gasket

Main characteristics of the product:

The waterproof, dust-proof and venting safety level reaches IP65K-IP68K. The expanded PTFE venting membrane with microporous structure has the following characteristics:

1. Water and oil repellency

2. Promote moisture and steam emission

3. Strong chemical laziness

4. Will not fall

5. UV resistance

6. Resistance to extreme temperature.

COOLRUDYVIA® professional production (processing and customization): IP54-IP66-IP67-IPX7-IPX8, waterproof membrane, waterproof sound transmission membrane, waterproof sound transmission membrane, waterproof sound transmission membrane, waterproof venting membrane, waterproof balance hole pressure release membrane, waterproof balance pressure release membrane, level 7 waterproof pressure release membrane, adjustable pressure release hole gas release membrane, mainly used in visual walkie-talkie, smart watch, Bluetooth speaker, hearing aid, outdoor GPS, waterproof mobile phone shell, electric toothbrush, tooth washer (tooth washer), electric shaver and other products, There are back glue products, membrane products, vent valve, vent plug, vent cap, vent gasket, waterproof acoustic membrane, vent tube, wearable device, waterproof earplug, flat plate, waterproof children's mobile phone, children's camera, children's electronic toys, waterproof camera, DV waterproof camera equipment, etc,. We can make products of different styles and sizes according to customers' requirements. 

COOLRUDYVIA® focuses on providing customers with acoustic solutions, electronic waterproof venting membrane solutions and waterproof technology to serve life.