Tissue Culture Bottle Sealing Venting Membrane PTFE Bacterial Filtration Membrane Dust-proof and Waterproof

2015-03-13 11:20:51 VENTING 113576

With the progress of science and technology, most varieties are now cultivated in tissue culture bottles. Because the containers of tissue culture bottles are non-toxic, safe, sanitary, transparent and transparent, the cultivation of plants is convenient and safe. In order to make the tissue culture bottle venting but need to prevent bacteria from entering, basically a vent hole will be opened in the tissue culture bottle cap, and PTFE bacterial filter membrane, also known as PTFE sterile sealing venting membrane. The developed PTFE sterile venting membrane developed by COOLRUDYVIA® has been recognized and widely used in tissue culture bottles such as flowers, edible fungi, cordyceps, potatoes, etc. 

Venting Gasket

The PTFE bacterial filtration sealing venting membrane developed by COOLRUDYVIA® is a kind of high polymer tissue culture flower membrane. Its microporous main network structure is obtained by extruding and stretching low molecular weight PTFE resin. The opening rate is more than 85%. Aperture 0.2~0.3 μ m。 The temperature resistance can reach 140 ℃, and it has high elasticity and excellent hydrophobicity. The unique waterproof and breathability reduces the pollution rate to zero. As a bacterial filter material in tissue culture bottles, it has unexpected effects.

Currently, several specifications of filter membrane diameters have been processed by COOLRUDYVIA®, such as 16mm, 20mm, 30mm, etc., in various forms, and the air flux is generally greater than 1000L/m2/ h@10Kpa.